Fun Bathroom for Kids / by Mary Beth Grealey

The space was ordinary. It was a standard 5'x8' hall bathroom for the kids and guests. It was cluttered and dull. It had cheap finishes that were old and showing it. We needed a bathroom that was fun and functional for the boys and would grow as the boys grew.

To save money the footprint was not changed and the fixture layout remained. But, the space was gutted to the sheetrock. A stock tub and under mount sink were selected. The shower valve was reused and matched with a new Delta tub/shower unit. Large inexpensive field tile covers the floors, walls and shower walls to the ceiling (remember this bathroom is for two growing boys!). A remnant piece of quartz was found for the vanity counter and long shelf in the tub (this priced out the same as cultured marble- what a deal!). We also found a great mirror from IKEA.

We had enough material left over from the kitchen renovation to build the vanity cabinet and since we could build it we made it what we wanted. Drawers, not doors, to maximize the space and the kick is a third draw that stores toilet paper and has a lid so it can be used as a step stool for the 7 year old.

We choose neutral colors for the space, white, gray and wood. Then the kids helped personalize it. We went to New York about a year ago and they had a blast. They decided on a NYC skyline shower curtain, building that tilt out to hold the towels, and climbing men from Umbro decorate the walls and hold the occasional hand towel. A lime furry floor mat fro IKEA was a nice touch. That is the great thing about a neutral palette; simple and easy to make pop with color. As the kids grow we can easily change things out without breaking the bank.

From Fine Homebuilding