Green Home of the Year 2012 / by Mary Beth Grealey

Green Builder Magazine announces their Green Home of the Year - Best Historical Renovation as the McCullough Residence, renovated by Sophie Piesse. 

Remodeling a kit home built in 1915 to modern energy saving standards without ruining its "look" required some clever integration. 

It's not often that a project like this comes along: a relatively sound, historic home that's literally ready for renewal. But architect Sophie Piesse and this homeowner found just such a property. The century old house had been abandoned mid-renovation, but not before much of the worst tear-out work was complete. The owner purchased the home with no wiring, plumbing, insulation or drywall in place. Many of the structural amenities, flooring, stairs and windows were half-removed or in bad shape. Teaming up with builder Trip Renn of Actual Size Builders, she redesigned the home with LEED Silver certification as a goal. 

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