BH: contemporary home in moncure

This single story contemporary home is nestled in a remote wooded lot, its raised center roof and large overhangs embodying some of the more practical features of early American architecture. The high ceilings and open floor plan is crowned by a dramatic central hall that features a windowed cupola running the entire length of house. This aesthetically pleasing design element is also quite functional, allowing both a flood of natural light and fresh air into the very center of the house.

To help define the kitchen area in the open floor plan (without actually enclosing it) a soffit is suspended at a traditional ceiling height just over the counter. This element also allows task lighting to be brought closer to the work surface and counter eating area.

The living room and master bedroom ceilings are finished in a natural wood providing a warm and comfortable ambiance while assisting acoustically.  There are also built in shelves that run the length of the central hall, offering the owners a place to display their record and cd collections and store books. To highlight the hall and lead the eye upwards and out of the house, a leaded glass window from the owner's previous residence was installed high on the wall just above the door to the master bedroom at the end of the main hallway.

Though the house is oriented perfectly for solar access, the clients wanted a long veranda and two screened porches (one off the livingroom and one off the master bedroom) to run the full length of the house on the south side.   This dramatic yet comfortable porch features multiple large sky lights, allowing natural light to flood into the home.  Each porch features a pair of french doors that, when open, enlarge the living space of both areas and effectively continue this home connection with the outdoors.